Donald Trump has been elected as the President of the US, after he defeated his rival Hilary Clinton in the President Elections. It is one of the historic US election victories. Trump became popular by his “Make America Great Again” Movement. He has resisted the Republican and Democratic political elites by his victory. The billionaire made a clean sweep the President election of America. America is facing a financial crisis from the year 2008. To come out from the financial crisis the people Of America trusted a Political Outsider Donald Trump as the President of America.

The result was the against the prediction of prominent pollsters and investors. His victory as the President of America led to notable swings in the financial market. After trumps victory, stocks in the US and Europe became steady with S&P 500 index up 0.8 per cent.

Mrs. Clinton addressed her followers to accept their new leader and respect the result. She declared “Donald Trump is going to be our President.” She also wished him success on his responsibilities. The Democratic nominee conveyed her gratitude to women voters saying “Nothing has made me proud than being your champion.”

Mr. Obama Called Mr. Trump to wish him on his victory. The new president was invited to Washington to discuss the transition planning. Mr. Barack Obama addressed to the people of America to work together for his success and to lead and unite the country.

Mr. Donald Trump in his victory speech in New York concluded one of the most divisive campaigns in history. He called the people of the country to come together. He also said that he would be the President for all Americans for individuals who supported him and also to the people who were against him.

It remains to be seen what all changes the new President will bring forth in the months to come.

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