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Facebook Unveils New Emoji To Express Emotions

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News feed through Facebook can be made more expressive as Facebook launched “Reactions” to the world. The feature was tested in many countries. This function is the extension of the existing feature available. People can enjoy five different animated emoji by long pressing the like button. Each icon conveys a reaction or emotion. The emoji convey emotions like wow, love, ha ha, sad, happy and angry.

Facebook worked on this reaction product for the past one year. Julie Zuho Product Design Director at Facebook worked on the Reactions product. Facebook realized the need of an option to provide quick feedback which can be quick, easy and gesture-based. Emoji is the best choice for conveying people’s emotions to others.

Over 1.5 billion people accessed Facebook through mobile in December 2015. 90 percent of the people access Facebook through mobile.

Facebook researched on the sentiments the users expressed often. They focused on the mostly used stickers, emoji, and word comments. By conducting a detailed research, they tried to limit the emoji options. The biggest challenge faced by the team was the difficulty in choosing the most used emoji from the huge options available. Zuho and the team analyzed how the Facebook users make use of the various emoji available. Facebook finally decided six emotions for their latest reaction product.

Geoff Tehan design director of Facebook said that the Reactions should satisfy two main criteria: Universality and Expressivity. The reactions chosen should be universally accepted by all the people around the world. The emoji designed should express the intended feeling clearly without any ambiguity. As the emoji are non-verbal they should not create any confusion in the meaning they try to convey. Facebook has incorporated animation of emoji in their latest Reaction option. Facebook have also included sound effects to clarify the emotions.

Former Navy Seal Dies While Travelling In A Self-Driving Car

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Mr. Joshua D.Brown, age 40, passed away after a car accident on May 7 in Williston Florida. He was traveling in a self-driving car. His Tesla vehicle hit a truck, and this led to the crash. He is the first victim in the world to die in a self-driving car crash. The vehicle failed to distinguish between the side of the turning truck and the bright sky. It was said that Mr. Brown was watching his favorite Harry Potter movie during the crash.

Truck driver Frank Barresi, his truck ran into the brown’s high-tech motor. It was reported that the car was playing the film even after the crash. It snapped a telephone pole quarter mile down the road. Mr.Brown was found dead in the accident spot. It is the first human fatality accident driving an automatic self-driving car. The incident may cause a trigger among people to opt for a driverless car.

It was not possible to find whether Brown was watching the movie on the car screen or with his mobile. Investigation reports say that the truck turned left in front of the Tesla at the intersection with no traffic lights. This has caused the driverless car to crash. People found the car’s fancy motor hundreds of feet away with its completely shattered.

It is the first death reported after Tesla’s successful 130 million miles autopilot operation. The self-driving car company admits that the system is in need of an assist feature. The driver should keep both his hands on the wheels every time. They should maintain control and responsibility of the vehicle. People driving a self-driving car should be ready to take control of the car anytime.

A month before the car crash Mr. Brown reported posted a video on YouTube showing a near miss of hitting his Tesla on a truck. He congratulated the car saying” It did a great job by avoiding the crash.