The Awesome Health Benefits of Matcha Green Tea

The Awesome Health Benefits of Matcha Green Tea

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Green tea is one of the best drinks in the world. It has various health benefits like helping in reducing the body weight and combats heart diseases.

Matcha green tea is gaining popularity in the recent years. It has several other health benefits than the regular green tea. It also tastes good compared to the ordinary green tea. The matcha green tea has a grassy taste with a slightly bitter taste. The tea can be served with milk and honey. To get the best results from the match green tea avoid using milk and honey.

Matcha means powdered tea has several differences when compared with the regular green tea. In regular green tea, we discard the leaves after allowing the tea bag to be soaked in water. But in match green tea we are drinking the leaves as they are ground to very fine particles.

Matcha green tea is packed with lot of antioxidants which is present in ten cups of brewed green tea. It is an antioxidant power house which events ageing and chronic diseases. It is an excellent drink which can be used for weight reduction. The tea helps to boost the metabolism and burns the extra fat. Matcha is rich in amino acid which is responsible for relieving stress and provides relaxation for both the body and the soul. A cup of matcha can improve the concentration of the person. The tea helps to detox your body from harmful toxins.

The matcha tea leaves are covered with clothes before their harvest. This is done to retain the original flavour of the tea leaves. The leaves are hand-harvested, steamed and dried. They are stored in cold storage to deepen the flavour. The dried leaves are ground to a fine powder. Matcha green has more amounts of antioxidants compared to regular green tea.

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Chaos In Germany On New Year’s Eve

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In spite of the tight security of the German Police on the New Year’s Eve, chaos was reported at Hamburg. The New Year celebration ended in chaos as 14 women were sexually assaulted and a group of over 1000 people attacked the police with fireworks. The chaos occurred even after administering tight security across the city.

The victims who were sexually assaulted were around the age group of 18 and 26. The incident took place when there were 500 extra officers on patrol. The German police have arrested ten suspected attackers including migrants in connection to this incident. The accused include three Syrians, three Iraqis, two Afghans, one Eritrean and a German.

Security was tightened in and around the city of Hamburg after the attack. More than 45000 people have gathered in the city to welcome the New Year. Reports claimed that the migrants launched fireworks into the crowd. A firefighter was injured as a rocket fired his back. Police arrested a Syrian man for firing rockets into the crowd. The fireworks also injured a woman and a police officer who was on patrol. Hamburg’s Innensenator Andy Grote visited the chaos spot and discussed the security arrangement with the German police.

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Black Lives Matter Becomes A Global Issue

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Black Lives Matter is a US-born movement which has become highly popular in countries like Brazil, South Africa, and Australia. The people of the movement have taken the issue to the streets of the country. They have also made it global by propagating their ideas through social media. The Black Lives Matter fights for the racial justice of the blacks. The activists organized a rally to propagate the rights for the blacks.

French media can write headlines about the U.S police who killed a black person, but this does not happen in France. The coordinator of Black lives matter shared this matter in the Buzzfeed news. The native lives matter has gained momentum and helps their policies to be heard by the world.
The policies developed by the Movement for Black lives are translated into various world languages. The Canadian activists endorsed their policies.

Buzzfeed news discussed the issues the local Black Lives Matter are facing in their day to day life. They talk about their work plans to the various activists from France, Brazil, Australia, Canada, the US, the UK and South Africa.

The activists in Paris and took the issue of color discrimination among the people. They raised their protest against the death of the individual named Adama Traore’s a 24-year-old black man who was held in police custody.

France activists started Black Lives Matter France. They started a conversation about the racial discrimination that prevailed in their country. Their slogans against racialism have brought several existing groups to work for racial justice. BLM France coalition also took part in the protests against the police violence which led to the death of Adama Traore.

These types of protests and rallies can create an impact among the people. The people also get motivated as they join the Black Lives Matter movement.

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